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Flowers at the Hovedoya cafe.

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Cornwall – January 2014

One of the reasons we love spending time in Cornwall is that no matter when you go, you have a great time. If it’s sunny, we go for long walks or bodyboarding. If it rains, we go for long walks or … Continue reading

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62 and counting…

An incredible year. January: still in the Maldives April: Liberia May: Togo June: Senegal; Sofia (Bulgaria) July: Svalbard; Norway October: Chile November: the Falklands Islands; South Georgia; Chile; France A few of these trips were planned. Others were all about … Continue reading

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The Shah Jahan Mosque – Woking, July 2013

I think of London as lots of villages close together. Each village has a lot going for it and from time to time, it’s nice to go to another village. For each village has different shops, different pubs and different restaurants. … Continue reading

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I’m back!

It’s funny how you walk past things all the time but don’t really notice them until one day, bang, you see them and wonder how you could have missed them before! So… a few weeks ago, I noticed this street … Continue reading

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And off again…

I woke up with a sense of dread on Saturday morning; the prospect of 11 flights before the end of the year suddenly overwhelmed me (or to be more truthful, frightened me). I love travelling. I hate flying. (Two statements which … Continue reading

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Brazil with Michael Palin (episode four)

Episode four of Brazil with Michael Palin made me want to explore the Pantanal and I revisited Paraty, Sao Paulo and the Iguazy Falls with great pleasure. It feels like ages ago since we went to Brazil, when it fact it was only two summers ago. The spotlight … Continue reading

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Illuminated igloo, Lapland (Finland) –

Illuminated igloo, Kakslauttanen, Lapland, Finland (© Arctic-Images/Iconica/Getty Images). Source: (21 January 2013) Oooohhh. It’s funny how things turn out. We came home from Cornwall last night. We spent the weekend on sunny beaches, all wrapped up to fend off the cold … Continue reading

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56 and counting…

I have now visited 56 countries (25%). Wow. It would be cool to make it to 100 but somehow, I can’t see it happening. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with having dreams. 2012 was an incredible year for travelling, with … Continue reading

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Botswana and Zambia – Moremi Game Reserve (June 2012)

In Moremi, we got lucky and had our best sighting of a leopard, ever. We saw plenty more: kudus; red billed francolins; impalas; velvet monkeys; a troop of baboons; hippos; buffalos; steenboks; bee-eaters and little bee-eaters; hornbills; guinea-fowls; waterhogs; tsessebe … Continue reading

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